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cuorn, Dec 21, 13 12:12 PM.
We are currently in an alliance with Dust in the Wind. In order to participate please join the channel AllianceOfTheEast. You can ask for raids, crafting, help and much more on this channel. For help on joining please click here.

Halloween Party

Falcoln, Oct 10, 13 3:30 PM.
Lords of Moria will be hosting a Halloween Party on October 31st! The events will begin with a haunted house and a creepy music band.

We'll have a costume contest: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. the winners will be the most beautiful (only females can apply for this, male elves in dresses are not allowed) the coolest dressed, and the worst dressed. participants can only compete for 1 category.

Mounted sparring tourney: 4 Horsemen... Inspired by the 4 horseman of the apocalypse, we will have 4 tourneys, divided by race. (thus 4 winners)

The running of the Night Mares: this race will have 2 heats: one with the regular steed of the bat, and the second with warsteeds using steed of the bat cosmetics. the course will start at the comb-bree gate and end at the prancing pony.

Last we'll have a raid through DN. the place always creeped me out, and should be spooky enough for our raid-fanatics. it also drops the same tokens as filikul.

Bring your friends, and I hope to see you all there!

Maps in Kinchest

cuorn, Sep 26, 13 4:43 PM.
The maps in the kin chest should not be removed from the house. They are for deeds so you take each map out and put them back in the chest. This will complete a deed and give you 10 Turbine Points and a copy of the map of Eriador. Keep the Map of Eriador but put all the other maps back into the chest for others. Please make sure you don't accidentally put your copy of the Map of Eriador back into the kinchest in place of a different map.

Smaug raid

Manjanor, Sep 11, 13 3:34 PM.
Manjanor has posted a summary of the mechanics of the Smaug raid, which might be helpful for kinnies unfamiliar with the raid (or even those that want to complete Smaug T2c)

for details

New Leadership

cuorn, Aug 21, 13 7:40 PM.
Bigdadhelm has chosen to pass leadership of Lord of Moria to me since he has is having a bunch of RL issues and didnt want to neglect the kin.

In the meantime, I consider myself still as the Hand of Bigdadhelm.  I will be the Lord Protector of the Lord of Moria until our Leader, Bigdadhelm returns.

So for now i have decided to make Bigdadhelm successor. for the time being.  if i feel i need to chose another successor if i am unable to be on, i will at that time.

Wish Bigdadhelm the best of luck in working out his RL issues.  God Bless Bigdadhelm.

Sincerely submitted by
Rodlang Paramount
Hand of Bigdadhelm 
Lord Protector of the Lord of Moria
Welcome to Lords of Moria, one of Riddermark's oldest and largest kinships in the Lord of the Rings Online.  With hundreds of members at multiple levels of the game, we can offer help and experience to guide you through the game. The Lords of Moria invites you to take a look around and if you want, join the family!


1) Maturity - We have members all of ages. Therefore, all players must be willing to get along with each other members.

2) Respect - Our members come from different backgrounds and races. This diversity makes respect to all cultures, races, genders, and sexual preferences essential. No discrimination will be tolerated.

3) Openness - Our kinship is extremely social. Don't be shy and join in on the conversation and above all respect others while you're talking.

In order to view the rest of our website including raid calender, member roster, and other options, please take the time to apply using the recruitment widgit on the right. Just click apply under the class of your main character. 
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